Covid-19 Reveals Why Customer Appreciation And Loyalty... Plus A System... Is So Extremely Important To Your Local Offline Business's Longevity And Growth

  • Getting new customers costs five times as much as retaining current customers.
  • It is 16 times more costly to build a long-term business relationship with a new customer than simply to cultivate the loyalty of an existing customer.
  • 20% of current customers are the source of 80% of most company’s profits.
  • 55.3% of consumers stay loyal to a brand because they love the product or services. (Yotpo)
  • 93% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases at companies with excellent customer service.
  • 50% of US consumers have left a brand they were loyal to for a competitor that better met their needs. (HubSpot)
  • 61% of consumers think surprise gifts and offers are the most important way a brand can interact with them. (AP News)
  • 77% of consumers say they favor brands that ask for and accept customer feedback. (Microsoft)
  • 48% of people expect specialized treatment for being a good customer. (Accenture)
  • Over 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good loyalty program. (Bond)
  • 95% of loyalty program members want to engage with their brand’s program through new and emerging technologies. (Bond)
  • 69% of US consumers say customer service is very important when it comes to their loyalty to a brand. (Microsoft)

Following is an incredible system and solutions that could help you accomplish most, if not all, of the above.

3 Powerful Solutions In 1 Automated System

Solution-1 Showing Your Appreciation

The Law of Reciprocity... "Give, And It Shall Be Given Unto You; Good Measure, Pressed Down, And Shaken Together, And Running Over, Shall Men Give Into Your Bosom" - Luke 6:38

When was the last time you’ve shown, not told, your patients, clients or customers that you appreciate their business? Sadly, these days, showing appreciation has become a lost and dying art. Back in the not so distant pass, local businesses and salespeople would give inexpensive high perceived value gifts, similar to what we are presenting, to show appreciation, then ask for referral; which consumer, like myself, often gladly did. But in this modern computer and internet age the “Law of Reciprocity” has nearly come to an end,  especially for local offline businesses and salespeople. However, offline consumers, patients and clients would still appreciate a sincere “Thank You” and gift, just like they enjoyed them 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

Appreciation demonstrates money is not your only interest. Showing appreciation makes people feel good, it motivates them to come back, and even cheerfully share your business with others. They will gladly give your business glowing online reviews, if asked and made easy; the importance of reviews will be seen below. The following system will help you do more than simply say “Thank You”; it will help SHOW your appreciation; while simultaneously and publicly help build your online reputation. So please pay close attention, your customers, family and bank account will appreciate it, then reciprocate.

Not Your Ordinary Gifts & Incentives

  • Vacations & Travel
  • 3 Day Hotel Vacation Getaway
  • 3 Day Cruise Certificates
  • 3 Night Or 4 Night Cruise For Two Getaway
  • 5 Day Hawaii Vacation Getaway
  • 4 Days & 3 Nights All-Inclusive Escapes
  • 7 Day Las Vegas Vacation
  • 7 Day Orlando Vacation
  • 7 Day Resort Mexico Vacation
  • 7 Night Resort Vacation Getaway
  • Ultimate 3-4-5-7 Night Cruise Getaways
  • Discounts & Savings
  • $1000 Restaurant And Grocery Savings
  • Apartments-Villas-Vacation Home Discounts
  • Hotel Discounts Club
  • Health And Wellness Discounts Club
  • Theme Park & Attraction Discounts Club
  • Movie Ticket Discounts Club
  • Online Shopping Discounts Club
  • Wholesale Cruise Discounts
  • Car Rental Discounts Club
  • $500 Pharmacy Discounts Club

(You will receive actual usable samples below. You will have access to certificate descriptions within signup page.)

Why Travel Gifts & Incentives?

While there are many other incentive programs, such as merchandise giveaways or cash prizes, many people love to travel, which is why travel certificates make such great incentives. Although people enjoy cash giveaways, they tend to be quite expensive for businesses to fund, and products can be a difficult choice as well, since it is difficult to know what people really want. The great thing about using travel certificates is that almost everyone enjoys traveling, even if it just a few days getaway.

Travel is considered to be the most effective reward.

According to the result of an email survey conducted by CMI, 58% say travel is more effective than cash or merchandise. Survey respondents consider travel to be the most effective reward. (Incentive Travel Fact Book)

“Cash bonuses are necessary but travel is a higher perceived reward,” says Verizon’s Porterfield. Additionally, in a recent survey of American workers, 85% said they were motivated by vacation travel incentives.

Travel has a universal appeal and high-perceived value.

USA Today, on their recent survey, stated that “93% preferred travel over other incentives.” This is because vacation travel is something that some or most people would not be able to get for themselves.

Solution-2 Google Reviews System

Automated Customer Feedback & Reputation Management


Facts Every Local Offline Business Owner Should Know

"Online Reviews Are Extremely Critical To The Success Of Any Offline Local Business; Especially Small Consumer Services Businesses and Real Estate Agents"

  • 80% of people say they would change their minds about visiting a business or buying decision after reading just one(1) bad review online.
  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews vs 88% in 2014
  • 40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews vs 29% in 2014
  • The purchase likelihood for a product or service with five reviews is 270% greater than a product or service with 0 reviews
  • Star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business
  • Review ratings are the biggest driver of clicks in local searches
  • 44% say a review must be written within one month to be relevant
  • 68% say positive reviews make them trust a local business more vs 72% in 2014
  • Businesses ranking in Google’s local positions 1-3 have an average of 47 reviews
  • 76% of consumers that are asked to leave a review go on to write one
  • 53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week
  • A single negative online review can cost the average business an average loss of 30 customers - 2009 Convergys Corp. Study

“Google is the review site of choice. 63.6 percent of consumers say they are likely to check online reviews on Google before visiting a business… more than any other review site.” – ReviewTrackers.com

"Just One(1)Negative Online Review Could Totally Destroy A Small Local Business!"

How Our Google Reviews System Work

System Ratings Page


If your visitors select 3 stars or less… they will be automatically redirected to the “Feedback Page (upper right image)”. Content of the feedback form will be forwarded to you as soon as the form is submitted. This way you or your staff can handle the point of dissatisfaction or problem before the review is posted.

If your visitors select 4 or 5 stars… they will be automatically redirected to the “Google Page Review Popup (below image)” so they can leave positive reviews . This is the ideal way to manage both positive and negative reviews. Please take a few minutes to reread  the above benefits of Google reviews.

System Feedback Page



PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Protect Your Online Reputation! We highly recommend you check your Google listing reviews often. One bad review could cost you hundreds or thousand of dollars in lost revenue, or even a surprise lawsuit. We have arranged a discount for a service that monitors most of the most visited and used websites and platforms on the internet, like Google, Facebook and Twitter for negative reviews and comments about you, your business, and even your children. You will be immediately notified if anything is found. All of this  for a small monthly fee. Contact us, or click the “Web Monitor” link at the bottom of this page for more web monitoring system details.


Below is a button where you can take a demo of the reviews system. Clicking the demo will open the system in a new window or tab. Simply close the window or tab to return here.

(Please don't leave a real review.)

Remember to take advantage of our FREE Google Maps & Reviews Mini Video eCourse! Combined with this system, it could greatly improve and increase your Google Search rankings and customer leads.

Most businesses know they NEED Good Reviews, Ratings and Customer Feedback but don’t know where to start... You can start by simply using the following Face-To-Face or Office Visit Clients-Patients-Customers Handout or Display Cards, or have cards designed and printed locally or online:

ThankUGift Cards

TrueReview Cards

We will provide a personalized 2inX3.5in template (business card size) ready to have printed locally or online.

Solution-3 Lead Generation System

NEW Artificial Intelligent Lead Generation Gift Giving Chatbot System!

We decided to add this feature because of the Coronavirus. As businesses of all types were instructed to temporarily shutdown, we asked ourselves how would small businesses survive and then recover from the shutdowns. As far as recovery, businesses could contact their current and past clients, customers and patients to ask how they were doing and let them know the doors are reopened. Our gift system is another reason to contact them, and let know you were thinking about them, while at the same time possibly receive some positive Google reviews . However, we know most small businesses never built, or have a way to build, an email or phone contact list. That’s a shame because research has shown that almost 80% of a local offline business’s profits and growth come from current and past customers through referrals and added services . All of this is why we added our “Gifts & Leads Chatbot System”, at no extra charge to our 120, 220 and 350 ThankUGift System members. Take a look at all of the valuable information that is immediately forwarded to you after each chatbot conversation has ended:
    • You will receive your chatbot participant’s First Name.
    • You will receive you chatbot participant’s Email Address.
    • You will receive your chatbot participant’s Telephone Number (optional within chatbot).
    • You will learn if your chatbot participant has a current, past, or no past relationship with your company.
    • You will receive info about whether or not your chatbot participants want your company to call them about services they currently need (lead generation for contractors, landscaping and lawn care services, builders, agents, salespeople, etc).
    • Your chatbot participants will have the option to call for an appointment, or setup an inspection or quote, right within the chatbot.
    • Real Estate Agents & Agencies, you will learn whether the chatbot participant is planning to buy or sell a home within the next year.
    • New & Used Auto Dealers, you will learn whether the chatbot participant is planning to buy a new or used vehicle within the next year.
    • Insurance Agencies & Agents, you will learn if it has been more than a year since your chatbot participants has reviewed their insurance, and if they need new insurance. This an amazing opportunity to upgrade or sell policies to current or new clients.
You will receive all of this valuable information in your email inbox as soon as your Customers-Clients-Patients-Prospects complete the short chatbot conversation. Once your visitor completes the chat, they will be immediately forwarded to your personalized gift delivery page, with your company name personalized travel, vacation or discount certificate. We will setup everything for you within our system.  ABSOLUTELY NO interaction will be required by you or your staff. We will also provide a small piece of website code you can add, or have added, to your main website to help increase your site’s visitor interaction and leads.

Receive Our Visitor Appreciation Gifts By Clicking The Following Buttons!

Click one of the following niche buttons for demo appreciation gift page with GiftBot chatbot feature. The gifts within each page are downloadable, printable and redeemable. This is our way of thanking you for taking your time to visit and read this information. Click the “Return” buttons at the bottom of each demo page to return here.

FREE Bonus Local Biz Builder Training & Tools Benefits!

Local business building online tips, ideas, practices and training every small offline business, offline salesperson, and real estate agent need to know.

• FREE Reputation Management Mini Video eCourse (with lessons & course completion gifts)
• FREE “Properly Claim & Improve Your Google Maps Listing Guide”. This guide is extremely important for every small and medium size offline business. Real Estate Agents should also take advantage of the information within this guide.
• FREE Local Biz Video eCourses!
• and Much More!

Local offline businesses who can benefit the most...

Medical & Health Offices • Chiropractors • Dental & Orthodontist Practices • Attorneys & Law Firms • Fitness Centers • Contractors & Builders • Salons & Spas • Financial Services Offices • Repair Shops • Auto Dealers • Auto Repair Services • Major Purchases Salespeople • Insurance Agencies • Real Estate Agents & Agencies • Accountants • Optometrist • Eye Care Centers • Mortgage Brokers • Veterinarians • Pet Care Services • Personal Trainers • Car Care Services • Lawn Care Services • Landscaping Services • Dermatologist • Massage Therapist • Sports Therapist • Barber Shops • Hair & Nail Salons • Elderly Care Services • Child Care Services • Private Schools • Martial Arts & Other Classes • and many more!

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Other Valuable Services For Small & Offline Businesses

Our #1 Goal Is To Help Your Business Grow To The Next Level!

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…Yet ye have not, because ye ask not.(James 4:2) – The First Thing You Should Do Is Start Asking Clients, Customers Or Patients For Google Reviews

As stated earlier, online reviews are extremely important to the growth most offline businesses. To get them you can’t get around asking your customers, clients or patients for them. You can ask for, and get online reviews in a multitude of ways; especially through our system. Many of the ways can be accomplished without verbally speaking, here are a few; with and without speaking:

• Hand our ThankUGift cards after completing jobs.
• “Email” or “Text Message” your current and past customers, clients or patients your personalized “Appreciation Gift Page” web address.
• “Postage Mail” you could mail your current and past customers, clients or patients a short letter or postcard with your personalized “Appreciation Gift Page” web address.
• Have your staff personally “CALL” your current and past customers, clients or patients during downtimes to express your appreciation, and give them your personalized “Gift Page” web address. This could also be contracted to a paid calling service, which can be found online.
• Print your personalized “Gift Page” web address on invoices and receipts.
• Give your personalized “Gift Page” web address when you conclude a conversation on the phone.
• Save money by having address labels printed with your “Gift Page” web address on them. You could include something like “My Appreciation Gift To You”, then stick them on the back of your current business cards. These labels could be print on your personal computer and printer
• Have simple posters printed with your personalized “Gift Page” web address on them, and then post them in your waiting or examination rooms. One of your staff could find a free template online, personalize it, and then print them on your office printer.
• Ask your staff, family and friends for other ideas.

Take any and every opportunity you can to “SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION” to your current and past customers, clients or patients. You will be compensated with referrals and an abundance of good Google, Facebook and other online reviews. REMEMBER, online reviews are the modern-day lifeblood or death of business growth, both online and offline. The more good reviews your business has, the more your business will stand out from your competition.

ThankUGift Covid-19 Recovery Plan Of Action

The Corona Virus has hit most of you local offline businesses extremely hard, but now it is time to safely start the reopening and recovery process; even though the virus is still around. Do you have a recovery plan? If not, following are a few tips and ideas on how you could restart and grow for years to come.

A reopening is exactly how you should consider your restart. The good news is that you are not starting from scratch. You have experience, past and current customers, plus the determination to press on.

Recovery Step-1 – Contact your present and past customers, patients or clients. Let them know you are reopening, or have already reopened; however, add a new twist to it. Instead of making it about you, make it about them by giving them an inexpensive appreciation gift with high perceived value. This way you will be showing them your appreciation for their past or present business.

Start contacting your current and past customers, patients or clients. When you contact them simply state:

“We sincerely appreciate you doing business with us. Because of your patronage we have arranged an extra special appreciation gift for you. Simply visit ***Website URL*** for your gift. Thanks Again!”

We will provide a special website address you can give to them, even over the phone. You can start contacting them by email, postcard, a short letter, telephone during staff’s slow time, text messages, or even call center services found online. Our ThankUGift Systems can help you with this.

Recovery Step-2 – Advertise your reopening. This may be little hard financially but necessary. You could advertise in local classifieds, Craigslist and other local publication at a reasonable cost. Even Facebook local targeted ads could help bring customers for as little as $5 per day. If you include your website address in ads, our ThankUGifts.us and GiftBotLeads.com systems could dramatically increase the number of new customers, clients, patients, prospects or leads your ads produce and your ROI (Return-On-Investment.

Recovery Step-3 – Always tell and show your customers, patients or clients you appreciate them. Showing appreciation has become a lost art in the last 20 or 30 years; especially in business. How can any local offline business expect their customers, patients or clients to be loyal and refer others if the owners or staffs don’t show appreciation? Our ThankUGift system is the ideal semi-automated way to show your appreciation; plus help build your Google online reputation.

Recovery & Beyond Step-4 – In the internet marketing world there is a saying “The Money Is In The List”, this is just as true for offline businesses, though very few implement the practice or know how. A customer, patient, client, prospect and even website visitors list would give you a quick, easy and cheap way to contact people about new offers, notifications, and information you want to share. Every email sent will keep your business in the minds of people familiar with you, plus an opportunity for referrals. Our ThankUGift and GiftBot Leads systems will help you build a list to use both now and in the future.

We sincerely hope this report has given you some ideas on rebuilding your business during your Covid-19 recovery, and far beyond the virus.